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Protecting Seniors in Rising Temperatures

Many people are unaware of the dangers associated with hyperthermia and the growing number of heat-induced emergency room visits and deaths seniors experience every year. And it’s not likely to get any better in the near future, as summer temperatures seem to be steadily increasing. Hyperthermia is recognized in several forms: heat cramps, heat edema, heat syncope, heat exhaustion and heat stroke. Of these, the most common types seniors experience are heat exhaustion and heat stroke. Older Americans are particularly susceptible to hyperthermia because of existing health conditions and chronic illness. According to a Harvard School of Public Health study
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Discussing Dementia with Family and Friends

Dementia is an illness that can affect everyone that it comes in contact with. Everyday can be a new challenge for both dementia patients receiving outpatient services and their loved ones. It may also be harder for some to accept the diagnosis than others, but it doesn’t lessen the effects of the disease. Although progression in patients is slow, family members can use the time that they spend with their loved one to understand the diagnosis and communicate to the rest of the family the changes that are gradually taking place. Dementia can be managed if properly handled, allowing loved
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Smart Phones Designed to Make Life Simpler for Seniors

One of the unfortunate things about getting older is that hearing, eyesight and mobility slowly begin to wane. This can make it more difficult for many seniors receiving arthritis care or post surgery home care to utilize some of the most common everyday devices, such a cell phone. As technology evolves, smart phones, pcs and tablets are quickly becoming the way we stay in touch and communicate. These advances make it easier for the majority of people to use tech devices, but that’s not always the case. Many companies are beginning to realize that the average “smart” phone lacks the
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