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Mother's Day Activities To Do With Your Mom

Mother’s Day is just one of those holidays that we find endearing. After all, what would life be like without the warmth, love and compassion of a mother? And what makes it even more significant is that Mother’s Day only comes once a year. So how do you make this day as special as the woman it’s supposed to celebrate? Those of us here at Freedom Home Care found a few ideas that will help you do just that. Take Her to the Show Does your loved one like movies? Mystery? Romance? Science Fiction? Why not grab a couple of
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Valentine's Day Crafts to Try

There’s an undeniable feeling of love in the air. That’s when you know that Valentine’s Day is near.  And it’s the perfect time to show the seniors in your life just how much you care. As children get older, they tend to move away from parents and other family members. If they are not able to benefit from the services of a professional home care agency, elderly loved ones may experience loneliness and isolation while living alone during the holidays. Some may be emotionally distant from those closest to them, while others with mobility issues may be physically unable to travel
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