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Keep allergies at bay before the spring season arrives

In a recent article published by US News, editors explained that it’s easier to prevent allergic symptoms before they arrive. The task will be incredibly more successful than trying to stop them once they’re in full swing. In addition to taking medication designed to relieve allergy’s side effects, the editors suggested the following measures: Limiting outdoor activities when pollen counts are high. Leaving windows closed at home or in the car to keep pollen out. online Installing and using your air conditioner early, to filter the outside air that comes into your home. Washing your hair after being outside. Avoiding
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10 questions to ask your healthcare provider about prescription medication

In a recent Freedom Home Care blog, we posted a video from the UCSF’s Memory and Aging Center that covered the importance of understanding the side effects of prescription medication. No matter the drug – be it synthetic or natural – there is always a chance that it will produce an unwanted effect. The possibility for that increases when a patient is taking more than one prescription, considering that those drugs have the potential for interacting with one another. “This does not imply that the drugs are bad, but rather that they should be used carefully in order to reap
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Making the transition from hospital to home a pill that's easy to swallow

Bringing a caregiver into the home can be a necessity at various times in one’s life. And a typical time of need is the period following a hospital stay. So to make the transition from hospital to home a smooth one, Medicare can be a great resource. Medicare understands that a lot of instruction is relayed in the discharge process, and often times, it can literally be too many pills for one person to swallow. The explanations surrounding new medications or treatments can be lost in translation, leaving an individual confused and scared. Therefore, the tips and links provided below
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