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History in the making

Yesterday, millions of people around the world watched as Felix Baumgartner jumped out of a capsule suspended more than 24 miles above the earth’s surface. And he did so with the help and soothing words of 84-year-old Col. Joseph Kittinger. Kittinger, who directed Baumgartner from mission control, was the only person to have direct contact with Baumgartner during his more than 2-hour ascent as well as during his approximate 10-minute return. And it was only appropriate for Kittinger to be that voice to guide him throughout the expe End Your Depression – Hot New Product! rience; Kittinger previously held the
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Five compelling reasons for seniors to use social media

The number of older individuals taking advantage of social media is growing every day. According to, there are quite a few tech-savvy seniors bucking the trend that Facebook and Twitter are just for the younger generations. In fact, in an article published by, “about 34% of Internet users age 65 and older use sites such as Facebook and Twitter — and 18% of this group do so each day.” And actually, social media can offer a lot of benefits for seniors who find it harder to get out of the house. Thanks to the website Senior Care Corner,
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