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Vitamins and Your Immune System

In times like today, we at Freedom Home Care know how hard we all work to be as healthy as possible. Yes, it is true you cannot control your immune system. However, you can take certain steps to ensure that your immune system is boosted. This limits the number of times you get sick. Boosting your immune system is surprisingly simple and affordable. When following a routine, you can better your body’s natural resistance and improve your immune system in many ways. We as your home health care provider recommend you read up on supplements and vitamin research to know what exactly you
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Valuable advice on how to avoid the flu

According to a video news report posted on the ABC News website, 47 U.S. states have reported widespread flu outbreaks. And although the worst may be behind us, it will continue to be important for Americans – regardless of age – to take measures to prevent a flu attack. To decrease the chances of getting hit with the flu this season, the Huffington Post published an article with a handful of tips and suggestions. They are as follows: 1. Wash your hands One of the most effective and easiest methods of flu prevention is something we should all do several
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Cleaning out the medicine cabinet – an essential New Year’s resolution

How many times have you gone to your medicine cabinet only to be confronted with bottle upon bottle of unused or expired prescriptions? As time passes, medications quickly accumulate, making it more difficult to find space to store new prescriptions and equally hard to find what you’re looking for. According to an article posted on, “Because each season brings a host of new illnesses and conditions, it’s easy for medicine cabinets to become cluttered with unused or expired prescriptions, over-the-counter medications, vitamins and herbals that can potentially be harmful to one’s health. Hanging onto old, expired or unused medications
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