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Quality Assurance at Freedom Home Care

At Freedom Home Care we are dedicated to ensuring quality care is delivered in a caring, compassionate and consistent manner to each individual client. To accomplish this, Freedom Home Care has developed numerous systems and programs to manage the delivery of care to our clients. Freedom Home Care’s quality assurance programs and systems include

Individualized Care Plan

Freedom Home Care staff, typically a Registered Nurse (RN), develops an individualized care plan for each client which identifies the tasks that are to be completed each day care is provided. This care plan is then provided in triplicate so the client obtains a copy, the caregiver maintains a copy for reference of ongoing care and Freedom Home Care’s office maintains a copy in your file. This helps to define expectations of care up front so all team members know the responsibilities for each client they work with.

Daily Client Progress Notes

Freedom Home Cares staff chart and report on the status of the client each day they work recording the tasks completed as well as any observations or updates of client behavioral changes, vital sign tracking, intake/output tracking, etc. Our goal is to individualize the client progress notes so we can track and record information you identify as pertinent.


Freedom Home Care tracks the attendance of our employees in the field through a state-of-the-art telephony system to ensure our caregivers are providing you with the proper care according to the time lines set in your Individualized Care Plan. Our caregivers call in and call out for each job as they arrive and leave each clients residence. In the event a caregiver does not call in on time for their scheduled case Freedom Home Care staff will receive a page 24/7 alerting them of the incident. This system allows Freedom Home Care to be proactive and accountable for each expected start and end time of every clients’ case.

RN Supervised Care – Home Visits

Registered Nurses (RN’s) supervise our CNA’s by reviewing each client’s care through daily progress notes as well as conducting random home visits to ensure proper procedures are being followed, care is given in a professional and caring manner, and client and caregiver needs are being met. Typically this supervision is limited to clients with skilled needs unless otherwise contracted.

Caregiver Education and Training

All Freedom Home Care employees are required to attend an initial orientation prior to hire to familiarize themselves with the processes and procedures Freedom Home Care requires. In addition all staff are also required to attend on-going trainings held throughout the year to stay up to date on regulations and procedures to ensure Freedom Home Care staff provide the best care possible.

Caregiver Documentation

Freedom Home Care tracks all employee documents such as personal identification documents, insurance and personal and professional certifications to ensure we employ only the best caregivers to meet your needs.

Customer Service

At Freedom Home Care we are committed to providing consistent high quality home care and services. Freedom Home Care staff is always available and only a phone call away – 24 hours a day, seven days a week to handle any concerns our clients or their families may have. We do acknowledge there are times when service issues may arise or miscommunications may occur. Freedom Home Care staff are committed to providing quick and responsive customer service and service recovery. We will investigate every issue of concern in a timely manner and do our best to ensure the issue is resolved or revised to continually provide the quality of care and services Freedom Home Care clients have come to expect.

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