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Senior Care Highland Park, IL

Why Choose Freedom Home Care?

There may come a time in life when you or a loved one may have additional needs beyond what you or a family member can provide. That’s where Freedom Home Care comes in…Freedom Home Care enables our client to receive the care they need while embracing the freedom of being at home. We offer the dignity and respect only private in-home care can provide while maximizing your freedom, independence, comfort and vitality, all within the safety of your own home. Freedom Home Care staff is available hourly or full-time, day or night, to provide the proper services our clients need when they need them.

No Hourly Minimum

Freedom Home Care is the only home care agency to provide hourly services and care with no set minimum of hours so you receive only the care and services you need.

24-Hour On Call Staff at FHC

At Freedom Home Care, our staff is always available and only a phone call away 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

FREE In-Home Assessment

At Freedom Home Care we want you to make an educated choice. This is why every potential client of Freedom Home Care is provided a FREE in-home consultation and assessment face to face with a member of the Freedom Home Care team. During this complimentary consultation, you will learn about the care and services Freedom Home Care provides to help you with your changing needs. During this process, Freedom Home Care also gives each potential client the opportunity to help choose the caregiver that is right for them and their needs. Freedom Home Care helps each client stay in control of who they are working with and gives them the tools for making an educated decision.

Why Risk It?

At Freedom Home Care we also provide you with the peace of mind in knowing you are hiring the right caregiver without taking on any of the risks or responsibilities of being the “employer”. When hiring someone privately or through an employment agency to come into your home and provide care and services you take on more responsibility than you may know. Many people do not realize the responsibilities or the risk they take on in this process. At Freedom Home Care, we have take care of all of these details for you. After all, you have more important things on your mind than taking on the role of being the “employer” when bringing in private care for yourself or a loved one. Freedom Home Care employs a large staff of caregivers we have thoroughly interviewed, screened, trained, and checked references on. We have appropriate payroll taxes withheld, receive a salary and benefits, have unemployment insurance paid and are scheduled according to your needs including covering days off and holidays. Freedom home care performs fingerprint and background checks so you know you know you can trust Freedom Home Care’s hiring decisions.


Senior Care Highland Park, IL