10 reasons why living alone is a blast and a half!

As we here at Freedom Home Care head into the weekend, we thought that we would leave you with a lighthearted item posted by our friends at AARP. The article, titled “More People Choose to Live Alone: 10 Great Reasons Why,” serves as a fun-loving reminder of just how good so-called spinsters and bachelors have it! Enjoy!
1. Raiding the refrigerator at 1 a.m., knowing that mango sorbet is there for you and you alone.
2. Decorating as you please — no more “his” favorite orange recliner or “her” Twilight books front and center on the shelf.
3. Going to bed when you please and reading with the light as bright as you really need.
4. Dancing in the living room (naked? Why not?) and crooning in the shower without anyone laughing.
5. Spending all the time — alone! — in the bathroom as you need, spreading out your stuff, hogging the outlets and making any rude noises you need to.
6. Buying the food (clothes, movies, cars) you want, with your money, without worrying about someone else’s tastes.
7. Having as many dogs, cats, ferrets or miniature ponies as you damn well please.
8. No more late-night calls from your partner’s clients, relatives, children, grandchildren, tenants or exes …
9. … And on that note, getting to sleep in the middle — or even diagonally — ­ on the bed if you want, all by yourself, and no one tossing and turning next to you.
10. Not having to compromise on your dream of what city, neighborhood or type of housing you want to live in.