Learning the basic movements of Sun tai chi with Dr. Mike Neskovic

Yesterday, we here at Freedom Home Care posted a blog about tai chi and the benefits that the ancient form of exercise can offer elderly individuals. Therefore, for today’s blog, we felt compelled to post a video that can get the aging loved ones in our life started on a new path toward exercise and healthy living. The video highlights Sun-style tai chi, which is recognized by the American Arthritis Foundation as the official tai chi for arthritis.
When seniors choose to follow along with Dr. Mike Neskovic, they quickly discover that the movements are gracious, slow and rhythmic. The low impact nature of tai chi is ideal for those in their twilight years as it creates a harmony of movements, breathing and meditation.
In the video, participants will learn six basic movements of the Sun style of tai chi. Dr. Neskovic’s sweeping movements are simple and easy to follow, and after practicing them repeatedly, balance should improve, thereby preventing the risks of falling.
If you or your aging loved one needs help getting started, don’t hesitate to reach out to your Freedom Home Care caregiver who would be happy to help.