8 holiday gift ideas for seniors

Braving the Black Friday throngs might not be for everyone. However, giving gifts to the loved ones in our lives is truly the reason for the season. So whether you bypassed the long lines or went for it, credit cards a’ blazin’, we here at Freedom Home Care thought that we would share a few ideas for those still shopping for the seniors on their holiday list.
The following ideas are courtesy of Yahoo:

1. Gift Cards, Prepaid Phone Cards and Gift Certificates

Most senior citizens live on a fixed income and money is a constant concern. One of the best gifts for senior citizens is a gift card, prepaid phone card or gift certificate. Almost every retail store now offers gift cards. You could get your senior loved one a gift card to a local grocery store, gas station, pharmacy, movie theater, restaurant or beauty salon. There are even gift cards for medical services. Walgreens has just started offering flu shot gift cards for purchase at their stores throughout the country. Each gift card is good for one flu vaccine.
2. Large-Print Reading Materials

Many seniors have difficulty seeing regular sized type in books and magazines. A great gift for senior citizens is a large print version of their favorite book or magazine. Large-print editions of books are usually available for special order through your local bookstore. If you prefer to browse online, Amazon offers over 240,000 large print editions of popular titles. Reader’s Digest offers subscriptions for the large-print edition of their magazine online. Each large-print Reader’s Digest issue features a large print crossword, bigger photos and illustrations and a special non-glare paper in addition to larger type. The Blind Reader’s Page has an extensive directory of links for large print books, magazines and newspapers.
3. Gifts to Warm the Body

Seniors are often colder than younger people, so some of the best gifts for senior citizens include gifts to keep them warm. Some great ideas include blankets, electric blankets, fleece cover ups, Snuggies, slipper socks with non-slip treads on the bottom, blanket throws and hats.
4. DVD Collection of Old TV Shows

Want to treat your senior loved one to a trip down memory lane? Why not give them DVDs of their favorite old TV shows or CDs of their favorite old radio shows? If your senior citizen loved one doesn’t have a DVD or CD player, include one as part of the gift.
5. Games, Jigsaw Puzzles, Crosswords and Word Searches

Games and puzzles are always one of the best gifts to give senior citizens. Board games, jigsaw puzzles, crosswords, word searches and even logic puzzles can all be enjoyed by seniors. An added bonus: games and puzzles help keep senior minds sharp. If your senior loved one has vision issues, there are many large-print games, puzzle books and playing cards on the market. Many seniors have limited living space, so consider giving a jigsaw puzzle along with a roll up puzzle mat for easy clean up and storage. The Senior Store has many great nostalgia-based games for senior citizens, such as the Reminiscing Game and a great collection of large-print versions of popular crossword puzzles and word searches.
6. Senior Exercise Videos

Exercise videos for seniors? Yes, even senior citizens can enjoy the benefits of exercise through videos made especially for them. Sit and Be Fit is a great senior exercise video focusing on core strengthening, flexibility, balance, agility, circulation and range of motion created especially for seniors.
7. Gift Baskets

Show that special senior citizen that you are thinking of them by putting together a gift basket of their favorite things. Gift baskets are one of the best gifts for seniors because they are not only useful, but they show that you were thinking of them and their unique interests. Use your imagination and be creative with your gift basket. Need a gift for a senior who knits? How about a basket filled with yarn, knitting needles and pattern books. Have a gardener on your hands? Put together a basket full of small clay pots, seeds, gloves, gardening tools or potted plants. Let the senior’s hobbies and interests guide you in putting together the perfect gift basket.
8. Lap Desk

A lap desk is a great gift for senior citizens. A lap desk can be used to hold reading materials, meals or beverages, for writing letters or to hold a lap top computer. You certainly can buy a lap desk already made, but making one yourself is really very easy and inexpensive.