Discovering how around-the-clock peace of mind happens with FHC

There are many reasons that lead a family toward securing in-home care for their aging loved one. Many are to alleviate the fear of a fall, the fear that a loved one will forget to take their medication or the fear that they will lose their independence.
Once a caregiver has been selected, however, there are still some lingering worries, such as what happens if a caregiver is unable to work. How will the family know that their loved one has been left alone? How will they make arrangements for a replacement?
This is where Freedom Home Care’s quality assurance comes into play. If for any reason, a caregiver doesn’t clock in within six minutes of their start time, an alert is initiated to contact a central system at Freedom Home Care. If a caregiver is sick or unable to work for any reason, family members and patients need not worry. Freedom Home Care will find the family a replacement that will arrive as soon as possible.
So say caregiver Sally was scheduled to be at Mrs. Smith’s home at 7 a.m. but has not clocked in using Mrs. Smiths’s landline telephone. Although Sally might have had to attend to Mrs. Smith the moment she walked into her home, a Freedom Home Care representative would still be paged indicating that Sally has not clocked in.
Other fears that a family may have in regard to the health and wellbeing of their aging loved one is the possibility of an emergency in the middle of the night. As a 24/7 service provider, if a patient needs assistance – even if it’s at 1:00 in the morning – Freedom Home Care’s caregivers can be there in a jiffy thanks to an after-hours on-call service that is tied to a paging system. To ensure that a client’s needs are met in a timely manner, caregivers clock into the same regular-hours system to confirm that they have answered a page.
In reverse, caregivers also have to clock out when they leave for the purpose of accurate billing. So from something as important as accountability to administrative items like billing, Freedom Home Care’s quality assurance program lets patients and their families get the peace of mind they deserve.