Discovering the importance of doing what makes you happy

Transitioning into retired life has proven to be quite difficult for many individuals who have spent their lives working in sometimes decade-long careers. Finding something to fill the days can be a challenge. But it can also be a blessing.
AARP’s Your Life Calling, hosted by Jane Pauley, shares success stories of those who have embraced retired life and found a new calling. The show has also delivered accounts of individuals who have chosen to make a complete 180 for the sake of their own personal fulfillment. And it is their revelations that have served as inspiration for many once like them who were looking to set new goals and find new happiness in their lives beyond the corporate world and beyond the job titles that once defined them.
Stories like Richard Rittmaster’s, a former Lutheran minister, exemplifies how one individual found fulfillment as life as a chaplain in the U.S. Army National Guard. To feed his soul, he stepped outside of his previous career and forged a new life, helping soldiers deal with stress and mental trauma on the frontlines of Iraq.

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So no matter what stage of life you happen to be in – be it retirement or smack dab in the midst of a career – remember that it’s never too late for positive change.