Let Freedom Home Care help during your next out-patient procedure

No matter a person’s age, surgery can truly take a toll. But for older individuals, recovery can be even more difficult, which is why many out-patient procedures are a good choice for seniors. Because they do not require an overnight stay in a hospital and because they are often more affordable, many seniors are relieved when an out-patient procedure is an option.
But that doesn’t necessarily mean that the process is simple. Often times, there are pre-procedure plans that must be implemented properly – and independently – by a patient. Travel to and from the appointment can sometimes be a challenge to overcome, as well.
Therefore, Freedom Home Care has established a program to help the aging loved ones in our lives prepare for a variety of medical procedures. But the program’s essential elements don’t end once the procedure is over; our certified nursing assistants and caregivers help with the return and the recovery process, too.
The out-patient program is scheduled as a 24 hour visit in which Freedom Home Care caregivers may assist in the following plan of care…

  • Arrive at your home the evening before the procedure with the intent of staying for a 24 hour period.
  • Assist in following the out-patient preparation kit–including picking up the kit as needed.
  • Assist with any bathroom needs throughout the preparation course.
  • Maintain NPO (no intake by mouth) status.
  • Facilitate transportation to and from the procedure.
  • Monitor recovery from the procedure with meal preparation and/or light housekeeping as needed.

To learn more about the program and how it can be customized for your aging loved one’s needs, don’t hesitate to reach out to us at Freedom Home Care. We’re here to help.