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Meditation Recommended to Maintain Heart Health

It is easy to become over-stressed.  Relationships, money, even the weather can cause us anxiety.  Unfortunately, prolonged stress can be very damaging to our health. google sniper When we are in that “fight or flight” response, hormones are released to make us more alert and ready for danger.  But that response was only designed for short bursts, not the prolonged stress that we feel in our daily lives.  Extended exposure to these hormones degrades the cells of our body, particularly in our heart and vascular system. Scientists recently researched the relationship of the stress hormone cortisol and health problems in
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Recap of Wednesday's Luncheon

The Myra Rubenstein Weis Health Resource Center Luncheon was held yesterday, May 1.  For those of you who attended, we would like to say thank you for attending. And for those of you who were unable to attend, we have a recap of the afternoon. This event  was dedicated to “Harmonious Healing” and was the luncheon's 17th year.  It was honoring Janardan D. Khandekar, MD, who is the Director at the Center for Molecular Medicine in the NorthShore University Health System.  Dr. Khandekar has contributed greatly to the field of oncology by researching better ways to fight cancer for over thirty years. In addition
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