Food for Thought…and Memory

Many seniors are reading and doing crossword puzzles to fight off Alzheimer’s disease.  But is it enough?  A recent study showed links to healthy behaviors and good memory, no matter the age of the participant.  This study, done via telephone survey by UCLA, examined how eating, exercising, and smoking affected memory.
The first result was that healthy eating positively affected memory in all age groups.  Although it clearly helped the younger participants, it was most dramatic among the seniors in the study.  Those older participants who did not eat well were much more likely to report memory loss.
Also, although exercising did not show much affect in the younger participants, it was shown to decrease risk of memory loss in seniors.  Particularly obese seniors who did not exercise showed a significant risk of memory loss.
So what does all this mean for YOU?
It means that, once again, a study shows that treating your body well can help the brain continue to function optimally.  Eating a balanced diet while getting in some light exercise can bring nutrients and blood-low to the always-hungry brain.  It gives us one more reason to add a salad to our dinner and go for a swim this summer.  A healthy you maintains a healthy brain!