Eating Oranges Boosts Health

Last month we talked about the benefits of eating green. Now here are some advantages of eating orange!
Not only are oranges delicious but they also provide many nutrients we need to keep our bodies healthy.  We all know that they have high levels of Vitamin C to boost our immunity, but oranges also contain a Vitamin A precursor, calcium, potassium, pectin, citrus limonoids, and fiber.  This combination of vitamins and nutrients benefits our bodies in many ways.
Eating oranges has been linked to preventing and fighting cancers of the liver, skin, breast, lung, colon, and stomach.  Each glass of orange juice you drink allows citrus limonoids to seek out and fight cancer cells.  The Vitamin A compounds also help to prevent liver cancer cells as well as act as an antioxidant to prevent skin cancer from sun exposure.
The potassium found in oranges is important for many actions of your body.  It is particularly essential for muscle contractions.  Getting enough potassium will lead to fewer muscle cramps, less joint stiffness, and a regular heartbeat.  The electrolyte also has an impact on healing, bone strength, and brain function.
The sugars found in oranges are also good for you.  They are simple sugars that have a glycemic index of 40, which is considered low.  So, unless you eat bunches of oranges at one sitting, it is a tasty treat that won’t cause problems with insulin levels or weight gain.
So grab an orange and boost your health!
Source: Care2