Healthy Living One Day at a Time  

Want to lead a healthier life but just don’t know where to begin?  Dedicate one day to well-being and see the benefits.  A few small changes will make a world of difference.
 1. Drink more water.  Our bodies need water for many functions and getting enough water is essential.  Have an extra glass with lunch to boost your energy for the afternoon.
 2. Hug someone.  When you hug someone your body releases a hormone called oxytocin.  This hormone builds relationships and wards off depression.
 3. Meditate.  Having a moment to yourself to clear your head can boost your mood and improve memory.  Add a few deep breaths to bring more oxygen to your brain.
 4. Eliminate one chemical from your day.  Whether it’s a processed food or a dryer sheet stuffed with chemicals, spend a day without it.  There are natural alternatives to nearly everything heavily processed or laden with chemicals.
 5. Be nice.  It feels great to do something nice unexpectedly for someone.  Whether it’s paying for another café patron’s coffee, baking cookies for a neighbor, or giving a compliment, both you and the person on the receiving end will have a brighter day.
So set aside a day to be a little healthier.  And maybe that one day will inspire you to continue for a week, a month, or a year of healthy living.  
Source: Care2