Talk with Your Parent About Driving

Has your elderly parent had a few auto accidents lately?  Perhaps a new medical condition has you concerned that they are behind the wheel?  Whatever the reason, having the conversation about having a senior hand over his keys is difficult.  Here are some ways to make that discussion go a little easier.
1. Pay attention.  Ride as a passenger while your parent drives and pay attention to their driving.  Make notes of any driving errors that occur. And try not to cheat by prompting them to use their turn signal or reminding them of an upcoming stop sign.  Bring this list to the conversation to use as support as to why it may be time to stop driving.
2. Approach the subject delicately.  Driving is a way that a senior remains independent, and taking that away can be emotionally difficult.  Acknowledge that it is a tough situation.  Be understanding and listen.  Stress that you are only looking out for their safety.
3. Have a plan.  Don’t have this conversation without other means of transportation arranged.  You don’t want your parent stranded after all!  Work out a driving schedule with family members.  Look into senior transport services.  Research hiring a driver.  Having a plan can make it an easier transition.
Source: Forbes