Seniors Star in New Video Game

One of the biggest fears of a senior is falling and getting injured.  One video game company saw this problem and set out to find a solution.  Now the company Blue Marble Game Co. has created a game they are confident will revolutionize fall prevention.
The best way to minimize falls is through balance and strength exercise.  If the muscles are strong, they will prevent the fall.  So Blue Marble created a video game called Zoezi Park that will help the senior exercise specifically aiming at building the muscles to maintain balance.
This fun and educational game takes place in a virtual park. As the player progresses through levels, the park grows larger and flourishes.  Zoezi Park uses sophisticated cameras to detect the senior’s movements and reflects those in an animated man or woman on the screen.  If the senior sits, she will see her avatar, or animated person, sit as well.  The game will then take the senior through a set of exercises personalized to his or her fitness level.  It’s goal is to get the player to prevent falling while still having fun.
However, you can’t run down to your local video game store to purchase it just yet.  Due to the government budget sequestration, the company lost funding for their project.  Luckily, they are finding other revenue sources and are back on track.  They hope to spread the word about preventing falls by encouraging strength and balance for seniors in the future.
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