Study Find Seniors Living with Children Unhappy

Today many grandparents are living with their children and grandchildren.  Is this trend good for the happiness of the senior?  Studies say no.
With the economy the way it is, as many as 16% of families are forced to have several generations in one home.  The common thought is  that it will be good for everyone involved:  the grandparents will have more time with their grandchildren, the parents will be able to care for the grandparents, and the children will have more adults to learn from.
But studies surprisingly show that seniors living with children have a lower quality of life.  While adults aged 34-46 reported having more stress while living with children, they also reported more happiness in their lives.  Seniors, on the other hand, reported more stress, less happiness, more worry, and increased anger while sharing a home with children.  Of course, this is not the case for everyone, but generally seniors prefer to not have the whirlwind of children consistently in their homes.
If an adult child is looking to move their senior parent into their house with young children, it is important to take into consideration the senior’s happiness.  A different option may be for the senior to remain at home and to receive private home care if needed.  That way, the senior maintains a better quality of life and the entire family will be happier. If this sounds like a better option, visit Freedom Home Care to learn more about your options.