Becoming a Super-Ager

Could you be a super-ager?
A “super-ager” is someone who at 80 has the brain size and memory performance of a 50 year old.  They tend to live longer and be healthier.  If you see someone still happily at work in her 90’s, it would be a fair guess that they are a super-ager.
So, how do we know if we are one of the lucky ones?  Neurologists and other scientists are still trying to figure out the “key” to aging well, although genetics are certainly a big indicator.  Often those whose parents lived long and healthy lives do the same.  But what if you’re just not that lucky in the genetics lottery?
There are some other distinct differentiations between super-agers and everyone else, such as high levels of HDL.  HDL, which stands for high-density lipoprotein, is the “good” cholesterol in the body.  It helps to keep the “bad” cholesterol from building up in the blood stream and causing problems.  It is also linked to good short-term memory.
There are several ways to increase your HDL level:
1. Aerobic exercise.  Keep that blood pumping!
2. Stop smoking.
3. Remove trans-fats from your diet.  Check the nutrition labels of the food that you buy.
4. Have only mild alcohol intake.
5. Eat plenty of fiber.
6. Increase Omega-3 intake.  That means eating fish or taking a fish oil supplement.
7. Eat other foods to raise HDL levels.  This includes nuts, olive oil, avocados, and oatmeal.
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