Internet Helps Caregivers Become Experts

With the elderly living longer and savings depleted by a bad economy, an ever-increasing number of adults are caring for their senior relatives.  Many seniors are being sent home from the hospital in a medically fragile state, needing care.  With unemployment numbers still up, many family’s savings are running dry and cannot cover the cost of a nursing home.  The result is a family member becoming the caregiver of that senior.
As the chronic illness progresses, the family caregiver usually becomes an expert on caring for the senior.  Doctors  rely heavily on the caregiver’s input to make medical decisions.  That is because the caregiver is there constantly with the senior and will notice small changes that the doctor may not catch.
The internet helps caregivers become this “expert”, allowing them to find the information needed.  Sites such as the Illinois Department of Aging’s website gives information about resources for the senior, while gives helpful hints and latest news about care-giving.  For medical information, caregivers can turn to Medline Plus, or the old standby WebMD.  And blogs such as this one give information on a variety of topics related to senior health.
So, if you find yourself caring for a family member, as two-fifths of Americans do according to, let Google be your friend.  Find the information you need to become the expert on health and care to better help the senior.