Let Thirst Be Your Guide- Avoid Dehydration

As summer is heating up, we become more prone to dehydration.  Although most of us know only the mild dehydration symptoms of headaches and sluggishness, dehydration can become serious quickly, leading to hospitalization or even death.  So how do we avoid dehydration?
The easiest way to stay hydrated is to listen to your body.  If you are thirsty, get yourself something to drink. It sounds easy, and it is.  The nerves that signal our thirst are very sensitive, and if our bodies lose even 1% of their water from say sweating on a hot day, they will send a signal to our brains that we need water.  We just need to be smart enough to pay attention to that thirst.
Another way to stay hydrated is being proactive about it.  When it gets steamy outside, remember to drink a few extra glasses of your favorite beverage.  If you’re not a fan of water, don’t worry!  Any type of non-alcoholic beverage will hydrate you well.  Even foods provide us water.  If it’s a hot day, cut up some watermelon for a tasty, hydrating treat.
So when you are planning to be outside this summer, take along your water bottle and your favorite fruit.  They will keep you hydrated and ensure that you have a fun day in the sun.
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