Senior Fair Teaches Veterans About Benefits

Romeoville saw an influx of seniors last month when U.S. Rep. Dan Lipinski hosted a Senior Fair.  Lipinski organized this event to connect people with organizations and associations that help seniors.  It was a success with many seniors in attendance.
And what was learned from this event?  That many seniors don’t know the options available to them.
It was found that veterans were unaware of the benefits that they could be receiving for their health.  With the dangerous chemicals used in Vietnam, where many served, former soldiers have been diagnosed with serious health conditions.  Many senior veterans are unaware that they can receive government benefits to help with their healthcare costs.
Many seniors also don’t know what current legislation may affect Social Security and Medicare.  Lipinski commented that when he hosts health fairs, cuts to health benefits are what are on most people’s minds.  At the fair, they informed the seniors about what legislation was in the works and how best to contact their state representative.
The last thing that seniors were surprised to learn about at the fair was the benefits of home health care.  Many did not know about the affordability or that they would be able to maintain their independence.  One senior called it the “way of the future”.
Senior fairs are popping up all over the state this summer.  So keep an eye out for one in your community and go to learn what many options are available to you.