Functional Fitness for Seniors

According to, many gyms are jumping on a new trend:  functional fitness for seniors.  Functional fitness focuses on endurance, core strength, flexibility, and balance – all essential for seniors to keep up with their activities of daily living.  The fitness centers usually offer these trainer-run programs in the late morning or early afternoon when most others will be working or busy with children.  Many older adults enjoy these classes not only for the physical benefits, but also for the social ones.  Functional fitness classes are becoming more popular all of the time with seniors wishing to keep independent and mobile.

The wonderful thing about these programs is that they keep a senior moving.  Exercise is a must to remain healthy throughout the senior years.  Exercise lowers the risk of depression, helps keep a senior independent, and wards off chronic conditions such as heart disease and diabetes.
Enrolling in a functional fitness program can help a senior remain active and self-sufficient.  If he or she doesn’t want to go to a gym, other exercise such as walking or swimming will do the trick.  The key is consistency.  If the senior remains consistent in his efforts to stay active, he will reap the healthy benefits for years to come.