Summer Health and Safety Tips for Seniors

Summer is an excellent time to go outside and enjoy the warmth.  Yet it can also be an especially dangerous time for seniors.  Sometimes it can be especially difficult for a senior to tell if she is getting dehydrated or overheated.  Here are some summer health tips for planning time outside but still staying safe:
 1. Consider the time.  In most areas of the country, it is warmest between 10a.m. and 3p.m.  It is also the time when the sun is at its brightest, making it easier to get sunburned.  Try avoiding these times by going outside in the early morning or evening hours.
2. Check the thermometer.  Warm days can be lovely, but they can also be dangerous.  If the thermometer begins to read much over 80 degrees, consider staying inside until the day cools down.
3. Plan your meals.  Family barbecues can be a fun treat in the summer.  However, they often bring salty foods and alcoholic drinks that can cause dehydration.  If a barbecue is on the schedule, try drinking water and avoiding overly salted foods at the party.  And if the heat starts to become too much, bring the party inside.
4. Exercise wisely.  It can be a fun change of pace to exercise outdoors.  Try to plan your workouts in the early morning and evening hours to again avoid too much heat.  Even something like gardening can be quite strenuous in the warm weather, so stay well hydrated and try to work when the garden is in the shade.