Tips for Senior Independence on a Budget

As more seniors retire and live on a lower income, a challenge emerges.  The goal is to find a healthy balance between getting adequate care while staying within a budget.  As nursing homes and assisted living facilities can be very expensive, many seniors opt instead to stay at home.  A few small changes can help to maintain senior independence without breaking the bank.
1.  In-home care.  Many adult children are unable to help their parents because of their children or work obligations.  Finding someone to care for the senior by running errands, cleaning, and being a companion can encourage independence for the elderly while allowing the adult children peace of mind knowing they are being cared for. Freedom Home Care offers excellent caregivers who are devoted to ensuring the best quality of life for all seniors.
2.  Handymen.  Homeowners know that it is common for things to break inside or outside of your home.  Instead of the senior trying to fix the problems and possibility hurting himself, call a handyman.  The repair will be done quickly and professionally without the risk of an injury to the homeowner.
3.  Lawn care service.  Many seniors live in homes that have lawns which require lots of care.  Instead of the senior attempting to push a mower, call a lawn care service.  They are usually reasonably priced and will maintain the yard well.  Or if you want to save even more money, see if a neighbor kid would like to earn a bit extra by mowing the lawn weekly.
Living on a budget while receiving good care can be tricky.  Here at Freedom Home Care, we offer superior high quality care for each and every person. Visit our website ( or call us today to find out how to ensure your loved one receives the greatest level of independence and care.