Researchers Study How Music Affects Senior Health

Can seniors sing their way to good health?  The University of California San Francisco has decided to find out.
UCSF is conducting a study to see if singing in a community choir will improve the health outcomes of seniors.  They are forming several choirs around the city and will throughout the study monitor senior health, memory and mood.
To join these choirs is simple:  one must be over 60 and willing to meet for 90-minutes every week.  No previous singing experience required!  Just a willingness to be a part of something fun.
This project is going to span over four years and will delve further into how music affects us therapeutically.  We already know some benefits of listening to music.  Studies have show remarkable psychological benefits such as a happier outlook on life, better social interactions, and reduced tension and anxiety.  Listening to music also improves sleep, helps memory, and reduces the perception of pain.
So, whether you’re a singer who would like to join a choir or just someone who likes to turn on the radio, music has many health and psychological benefits for seniors.  We already know that music can improve our overall health and well-being. Hopefully UCSF’s study will discover even more reasons why music  should be a part of everyone’s lives.

For more details on this study, visit the website here