Simple Senior Home Repairs

Many seniors want to remain at home and maintain their independence.  However, if the senior’s home is in need of repair, it can become dangerous. Simple repairs and renovations can be made to better accommodate the senior.  Here are some simple home repairs to watch out for:

  1. Banisters.  Stairs can be very difficult to maneuver for many seniors.  Check to see that the banisters are sturdy enough to hold the senior should he or she need to grab it if they lose balance.  If the banister is loose, you may need to drill new holes to secure it to the wall.
  2. Ramps.  If there are ramps outside of the home, check to see if they are sturdy enough.  Over time, a ramp can weaken and potentially give way if left unchecked.
  3. Grab bars.  Bathrooms can be dangerous places if a senior is unsteady on his or her feet.  Installing grab bars in the tub and by the toilet can reduce the chance of falling and make him or her feel more secure.
  4. Floors.  After years of wear, floors can become uneven to the point that someone could trip on them.  Also look for areas of carpet that are in need of repair and loose rugs.  When in doubt, replace that area of flooring.

With a few simple repairs, your elderly loved one can remain at home and still be safe. If there are simple things that need to be done, or if you would like an opinion on the safety level of the home, feel free to ask us at Freedom Home Care! We would gladly help ensure that the home is safe.