Technology Helps Seniors Live At Home

A senior living on his or her own can be worrisome to family members.  Will he remember to turn off the stove burner?  Will he think to call 911 if he is feeling short of breath?  What will happen if he falls? Luckily, new technology is being created to alert family and emergency services when the senior needs help.  Here are some new gadgets to help a senior live on his own for longer.

  1. Motion sensors.  Motion sensors can be placed on the door, aimed at the sofa, or even on the refrigerator to detect if and how often the senior is around those items.  If he is a risk for wandering, the sensor at the door can alert family as soon as he crosses the threshold.  If he isn’t in his favorite place on the sofa at all that day, family will be told that he may not be well.
  1. 3-D Cameras. These cameras, made originally for video games, can gage the senior’s gait.  If it is changing, it could indicate he is at a greater risk for falling and alert the family.  They can stop falls before they occur.
  1. Bed sensors.  These sensitive sensors under the mattress can detect movement and even breathing patterns.  If the senior is up more in the night, it can indicate there is a urinary tract infection beginning.  If breathing becomes fast, it may indicate heart problems before he is even feeling short of breath.

Of course, this advanced technology is helpful but it does not replace to human touch. If your elderly loved one is struggling living at home on their own and needs to be monitored, consider talking to Freedom Home Care to learn about our services and caregivers. Visit us at