Survey Says Seniors are Generally Happier

Are seniors the happiest age group?  According to one study, it certainly appears that way!
Participants spanning in age from 21 to 73, were asked to do a survey about their happiness, stress, and anxiety every day for two weeks.  The results were that seniors were generally happier and less stressed.  They even had less anxiety about shooting self-videos every day as part of the survey.
What’s more is that the seniors felt more comfortable with the emotions they were feeling.  While the younger generations felt guilty for feeling stressed and anxious, the seniors accepted their emotions.  That alone could bring more happiness to a person.
Another study, again comparing the happiness of age groups, found that seniors are generally happier even if they are not particularly social.  Younger adults became more and more depressed with fewer hours of social interaction.  Nearly half of the seniors, on the other hand, were completely content with an hour or less of social time that day.  Of course, their happiness did increase with more social interaction and much more so than any other age group.
These results don’t mean that the rest of us are destined to be unhappy until we reach the retirement years.  You can brighten anyone’s day with a simple card or phone call.  Take the time to make one person extra cheerful today.
Source: Sunrise Senior Living