What Every Senior Should Know About Kitchen Fires

Kitchen fires are dangerous, frightening, and can be very sudden.  A pot that has been left on the stove for too long can shortly become a ball of flame that can spread throughout the home.  Here are five tips to reduce the risk of fires in the senior’s home.

  1. Set a timer.  Anyone can be forgetful.  We set some tea to boil, go to water the flowers, and completely forget that we ever turned on the stove. If you set a timer for 5 minutes once you turn on the stove, you will never forget to turn off the burner.
  2. Remove hanging items.  Some people like to have towels or decorations hanging around the stove.  If a fire starts, these items can carry the flames to the walls.  Clear the area around the stove of anything that may catch fire.
  3. Check the smoke alarm.  If there is a fire, the smoke alarm will alert you to the danger.  However, it only will do that if it is in working order.  Change the batteries twice a year to keep it working optimally.  An easy way to remember to do this is to change them when you change the clocks before and after Daylight Savings Time.
  4. Invest in a fire extinguisher.  Keep a fire extinguisher handy for small, manageable fires.  It should be located in an easy-to-reach place in the kitchen.  However, if a major fire erupts, leave the home and call 911.

Source: agingcare.com