If You Can Point, You Can Surf

From Facebook to email, from dot com to hashtag, the Internet can be an intimidating place for seniors.  But with advent of tablets, seniors can surf the web without as much trepidation.  Lend them your iPad or Kindle and point them to these websites that are specially designed with seniors in mind.  Just watch out; you may not get your tablet back!
GrandmaBetty.com: This granny compiles every bit of information a senior might like to know.  GrandmaBetty.com curates articles and sites from around the web that pertain to seniors, and then puts them into easy-to-manage categories.  From recipes to genealogy, she has what seniors want to read.
GeezerGuff.com: Do you know a senior who’s a jokester, a prankster, or an all-around wisecracker?  Then GeezerGuff.com is the place for him.  Touted as a place “for funny and feisty seniors”, here a senor can laugh about a “senior moment” or enjoy a video of seniors dancing with their walkers.  It has serious aspects too, such as warning seniors about the most current scams.
Grandparents’ Web: If a senior you know most identifies with her role as a grandparent, send her to Grandparents’ Web.  Articles vary from activities to do with the grandkids, tips to keeping in touch with each other, to even nicknames grandchildren have given their grandparents.
So, bookmark these pages, hand over your tablet, and watch the senior enjoy a bit of technology.  The Internet will no longer be such an overwhelming place.