4 Tips to Make a Senior-Friendly Garden

Gardening is one of the most popular leisure activities.  For many, it can be relaxing, grounding, and emotionally fulfilling.  However, some seniors may feel that they have to give up their favorite hobby as they become less able to tend their garden.  Here are a few tips to create a senior-friendly garden that everyone can enjoy.
1. Pick the right tools.  Consider the length of the tools that are chosen.  Long or curved handles may provide a sturdier place to grip.  And choosing a brightly colored watering can or trowel will help the senior better locate the items and avoid falls.
2. Pick the right plants.  Consider using seeds or seed tape for ease in planting.  Growing plants that are very tactile or fragrant will encourage the senior to interact with the foliage.
3. Pick the right place.  If bending or stooping is difficult, build a vertical garden or trellis.  Creating raised beds will allow the senior to remain standing while planting and weeding.
4. Pick the right time.  The sun is the hottest from 10am to 2pm, so avoid gardening at those times.  Make sure the senior has plenty of water available, sunscreen on hand, and loose, lightweight clothing.
A few small changes can create a garden that the senior can enjoy for years.
Source: New York Times