Who Else Wants To Connect With Family And Friends?

A senior who maintains his independence by living at home can often get lonely over time, especially if medical conditions are involved.  But he can still connect with family and friends every day by simply using Skype or another free video calling site.  Here are five ways a senior can use Skype to avoid loneliness.
1. Have a daily conversation with a friend about current events.  With video calls, it feels like you are talking face-to-face with someone in the room.  So, set up Skype, grab a newspaper, and discuss what happened around town or around the world.
2. Connect with the grandkids.  It can be difficult to see the grandchildren (or even great-grandchildren) with their parents’ busy schedules.  Set up a weekly time to read a bedtime story to them through video chat.  Or find a time to sing silly songs with each other.  The more often the grandparent can connect with the grandchildren, the stronger the relationship becomes.
3. Enjoy dinner with a friend.  Plan to Skype with a friend during a meal.  As you eat, you can enjoy her conversation as if she were really there.  It’s a great way to stay in touch with friends who are far away.
4. Work out.  Do you find it difficult to get motivated to exercise?  Choose a time that you will Skype with a friend or family member daily while doing your exercise routine.  It will be more enjoyable and keep you from ignoring your workout regimen.
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