Being a Senior in Youth-Centric America

It’s no secret that the U.S. values youth.  You just have to look at the advertisements.  The women who are pushing anti-wrinkle, anti-gray hair, and anti-aging products are all probably in their early 30’s.  And some are younger.

For a long time, seniors were generally seen not to have as much value once they stopped working.  Many were tucked away in nursing homes while the younger generation got on with their busy lives.  Sad and alone, the elderly had only each other to rely on.

But being a senior in today’s society is starting to involve more independence and freedom. According to, it seems that the younger generations are beginning to want to care for their senior family members.  Now, as Americans begin to take more of an Eastern approach to family life, more and more seniors are able to keep their independence at home with the help of family.  Their family sees the value of the senior’s experience, wisdom, and company.

Some believe it is because of women becoming a stronger presence in the care community.  They can encourage seniors to remain independent and home and they encourage the family to help.

Others believe that it is because of the economy.  It is causing so many people the lack of resources to have others care for their senior loved ones.  Through necessity, the senior remains independent for longer.

 Whatever the reason, seniors and the younger generation are happy about the switch.  Perhaps the days of the U.S. being so youth-centric are numbered.

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