Step Your Way into Heart Health

As we age, heart health becomes more important.  One out of four people will eventually die of heart disease.  So it is important to keep it strong and pumping well.
And to do so is easy in theory.  We need to eat right, exercise more, and continue to do those things for the rest of our lives.  We begin well, with having salad for lunch, dutifully pedaling the exercise bicycle, and drinking only water.  But then we begin to slip back into our old habits.  Before we know it, we’re sitting on the couch watching T.V. while eating ice cream!  How do we stay on track?
It is shown that if we enjoy an activity then we are more likely to stick to it.  So instead of riding an exercise bike, try dancing.  Dancing is not only great for heart health, but it also improves sleep and mood.  You can make it a social activity by inviting other seniors to a dance class, or go alone and meet new friends.
Not only is dancing an easier work out to stick to, but it also has more health benefits than walking or bicycling.  With so many different movements, you are working different muscle groups while improving strength and balance.
So, start slow, take a class, and dance your way to heart health.  It is a strong step toward a healthier you. Freedom Home Care offers wonderful help that can change your life. We offer stay-at-home care for seniors with a variety of services. Visit our website to learn more.