Listening to Your Elderly Loved Ones

Many people don’t visit their elderly loved ones as often as they’d like.  Maybe it’s just every weekend or a phone call here and there. Adult children at times forget the importance of listening carefully to their elderly loved ones.  When the conversation of their health comes up, sometimes seniors brush it off and avoid the subject.
Families need to be cautious of their loved one’s needs and notice if there is a medical issue that is not being properly addressed. Sometimes seniors get confused with their medications and do not always understand what their doctor tells them. Sometimes important doctor recommended procedures get put on hold because the senior does not fully understand the severity of the situation. If family members aren’t taking the time to listen, the senior may be setting himself up for serious future health problems.
So start by really hearing the answers to your questions.  When you ask about his or her health, make sure you hear their feelings and make sure they understand.  If necessary, go with them to their doctor’s appointments so there is a second interpretation of what the doctor says.

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Respecting everyone’s privacy is important, but so is making sure that your loved ones are healthy.  The conversation may also open up new discussions about the future and what it entails.  Being open to listening and getting them talking may make all the difference between a healthy parent or grandparent and an emergency situation.
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