Caring for Someone with Alzheimers

Nearly one third of the United States adult population has identified themselves as a caregiver.  And a large portion of those caregivers are helping someone with Alzheimer’s disease.
Alzheimer’s disease can be very difficult not only for the senior, but also for the caregiver.  As it is a long-term disease, the care can last from two years to easily two decades.  During that time, the caregiver often feels overwhelmed and isolated caring for someone with such a complex and difficult condition.  Here are some ways to ease some of that anxiety:

  1. Educate yourself.  The stress of caring for someone with Alzheimer’s disease will not only affect you, but also your spouse and children.  Learn everything you can about the condition and its challenges to get ahead of becoming overwhelmed.
  2. Find guidance.  When you are caring for, or even preparing to care for, someone with dementia, it’s valuable to speak with a professional who deals with the condition regularly.  Often there is a local Alzheimer’s association that can direct you to professionals who can give you advice and skills to work with the disease.
  3. Trust yourself.  Believing that you have the power and knowledge to make the necessary decisions is key.  Keep in mind that you are strong and capable of doing the best things for them.

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