Leading Elderly Parents By Example

No one likes to see their elderly parents with unhealthy habits such as eating too much junk food or smoking cigarettes.  Their children most likely worry that those habits will lead to chronic health conditions.  However,  no one likes to be told to eat better or put down the cigarettes.  Oftentimes the discussion between an adult and their elderly parent turns negative and ends in frustration. So how does a child encourage his or her elderly parents pick up healthier habits? The best way is to lead by example.  When the parent sees you making simple healthy choices, it may encourage him or her to do the same.

Exercise Together!

Keeping a pair of running shoes out can show your elderly loved one that you are ready to be active.  But it’s not enough to just show them off – put them to use!  Walk around the neighborhood, go for a jog, or learn some new dance moves.  And then tell your parent how much fun you had and encourage them to join you next time.  Working out is always more fun with a partner.

Eat Healthy!

We all get into food habits, but if the habits include all casseroles and fried foods, our health can take a dive.  Change some of your eating habits to include less red meat and more fish and vegetables. Then invite the senior over or hand over the recipe.  She may be surprised that eating healthy can taste so good.
So be a good role model and encourage your mom or dad to make healthy lifestyle changes.  You may both be a little healthier for it.  Freedom Home Care can certainly help by offering wonderful role models to encourage seniors to eat balanced diets and exercise regularly. Visit our website here.