Can Chocolate Boost Your Brain Power?

After always hearing about how foods like spinach and avocados are great for your health, it’s fun to think about a chocolate treat as a brain boosting food.  Consistently, chocolate has shown to increase brain and heart health – buy why?
Scientists have been stumped about this for a while, but one piece of the puzzle may have finally emerged in the form of flavanols.  These antioxidants protect cells from damaging free radicals and can be found in chocolate, wine, and berries.  Scientists put these flavanols to the test to see what they can do for a senior’s brain.
What they found was astonishing.  People who had previously shown compromised blood-flow to the brain showed an increase after a month of drinking flavanol-rich cocoa daily.  Also, when the seniors were asked to perform a memory test, they were able to perform it significantly faster after the daily cocoa.
Although these results are promising, don’t stock up on chocolate just yet.  The sugar, fat, and extra calories still outweigh the good that comes from consuming it.  If you really want a good-for-you treat, enjoy a piece of dark chocolate that has less fat and more antioxidants to promote your brain health.
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