Would You Live Forever?

With science and technology advancing every day, it’s not hard to think that in fifty years from now people may be living well into their hundredth years.  According to a survey, many people think that in less than 40 years the average life expectancy could be 120 or older.
But the question is, do people really want to live that long?
It really comes down to quality of life.  Those who believe that they will have a good quality of life in their advanced years are all for medical advancements to increase life expectancy.  Those who fear having a declining quality of life for a longer period of time would rather see the life expectancy remain the same.
So, how do you maintain a good quality of life?
1. Stay active.  Seniors who are regularly active are shown to have a better quality of life.  So dust off those tennis shoes, work up a sweat, and release some endorphins.
2. Stay social.  Seniors with regular interaction with others are generally more contented.  It doesn’t mean that you have to go to mixers if you’re a wallflower.  Call a friend on the phone to chat or invite a relative over for dinner.
3. Stay independent.  A major source of happiness for seniors is independence.  Although health complications may limit the independence you once had, creating a space in which you can continue to make their own decisions is essential.
Freedom Home Care offers state-of-the-art care for seniors and has a collective goal of maintaining a high quality of life for elderly while remaining comfortably in their home.
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