3 Reasons to Dance The Night Away

Do you love to dance?  Are you a whiz at disco?  Are your jazz moves legendary?  If so, you’re on your way to some healthy senior years.
Everyone knows that physical activity is essential for a healthy life, but it seems that dancing has some added health benefits.  Doctors and researchers are finding new reasons every year to get down and boogie.  Here are a few specific reasons to tie on your dancin’ shoes.

  1. It fights dementia.  Studies show that if a senior dances (or, in the case of the study, waltzes) at least twice a week, he is much less likely to later develop dementia.  Even more interesting – if someone with Alzheimer’s dances to a song from her younger days, she may be able to retrieve some memories that were thought to be lost from that time.
  1. It’s good for the heart.  Even with gentle dance, the heart will be more strongly and a little faster.  This will strengthen the muscle and get the blood pumping through arteries well, building up the cardiovascular system.
  2. It can help manage Parkinson’s.  Seniors with tremors can find it frustratingly difficult to control their movements.  However, after dancing, Parkinson’s patients report fewer tremors for hours afterwards.

So, find a partner, some music, and a little space, and start a dancing schedule.  It’s the healthy thing to do.
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