3 Ways To Overcome Social Isolation

As more baby boomers enter their senior years, they are beginning to make choices as to how they want to live.  Many seniors choose to remain at home to maintain independence, but social isolation can become an unintended side effect.  Here are some ways to overcome it:

  1. Volunteer.  Getting active in your community is a great way to stay social while helping others.  Having trouble finding ways to help?  Offer to help keep up the gardens for the local park district.  Answer phones for your PBS telethon.  You can even read newspapers to the blind over the radio.  Have some fun and get social.
  2. Start a club.  Do you love to quilt?  Find others who are interested and plan weekly meetings to swap stories and patterns.  Is woodworking your thing?  Invite others over to help in your wood shop.  Enjoy reading the most?  Begin a book club.  Anything to bring friends together to share interests.
  3. Share a meal.  Meals are some of the best times to be social, so invite some friends over once in a while for a potluck lunch.  If your friends live far away, consider using some technology such as Skype to chat during meals.  That way you can easily plan a time to catch up.

Remaining social can require a bit of effort, but it will have great rewards.  And not only will it help your well-being, but it will also help everyone else with whom you are spending time.
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