3 Things That All Seniors Want

What do seniors really want?  That is a question many people are trying to answer.  As baby boomers are becoming older we are seeing a new kind of senior emerging in the population.  Gone are the days of spending all day playing bingo and bridge.  Many seniors want new adventures and actually thrive on having fun.  Here are some of the things that many seniors in the modern times are seeking as they age:

  1. Activity.  Seniors, now more than ever, are getting active.  Many are taking advantage of senior exercise classes, but others also regularly practice yoga, take up running, or swim.  They’ve gotten the memo that exercise means health and longevity, and they are taking it seriously.
  1. Work.  They may not want to continue in the career they’ve been in the last 20 years, but many seniors keep working.  For some it is a financial necessity, but for others it is a fun diversion.  They get to try out a career they’ve always dreamed of, from working at a candy shop to delivering flowers. 
  1. Socialization.  Many seniors are not ready to give up their active social lives just because of age.  Many organizations plan activities for the senior social butterflies.  Also, with new technology, seniors are more likely to keep in touch with others by not only phone, but by text and video chat as well.

So it seems that many seniors have a lot on their plates these days.  And they love every minute of it.
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