Are You a Super Ager?

Do you have a brain that puts you in the pristine category of Super Ager?  If so, Northwestern University is looking for you!  They are going to begin researching exactly what makes a super ager so, well, super.  They will be doing brain scans, running tests, and eventually examining the brains of the super agers after they have passed.
Do you have what it takes to do this study?  Northwestern scientists are being very selective and have only found 35 super agers out of the over 400 applicants.
But even if you aren’t a super ager, what can you do to keep your brain acting younger?
Read.  Research says time and again that reading will keep the brain more active and functioning well.  In fact, they say that it can prevent cognitive impairment up to 50%.  Because the brain has to interpret writing into words, and then words into ideas, it is quite a work out.  And it doesn’t matter what you read, so find what interests you and grab a book, magazine, or newspaper! 
Play Memory Games.  The more we use our memory, the better that it will continue to function.  There are plenty of free online memory games, or you can go with the old standby card game, titled aptly “Memory”.
Play Logic Games.  Logic games can strengthen several different areas of the brain, so they are worth taking part in.  Sudoku is an old favorite, but any kind of game involving math and strategy will do the trick.
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For more information to keep your brain active, visit Yahoo!