Study Finds Genes from Mom Affect Aging

Want to know why you’re aging so well?  You can look to your mother for the answer.
Recent studies have shown that the genes that moms contribute to their children directly affect how well the child will age.  If the mom happens to pass on certain mutations, then the child will age more quickly.
But whether or not your mother passed along good genes or bad, there are some ways to help yourself age well:
Sleep.  When you sleep, your body has the chance to restore itself.  It also forms new connections and memories in the brain.  So if you want to stay strong and sharp, get plenty of rest. 
Drink less alcohol.  If you’re drinking more than one drink per day, you’re drinking too much.  Negative effects of too much alcohol can include dementia, cirrhosis of the liver, cancer, and premature aging.  However, drinking red wine occasionally has actually shown to increase longevity. 
Quit smoking.  We all know that cigarettes are bad for us, but they can also speed up the rate of aging.  Start planning a way to quit now. 
Lose extra body fat.  Doctors say that it’s not body weight but body fat that can do us harm.  Over time, obesity can affect nearly every part of our body, including heart, liver, and brain.
So, if your mom gave you the good genes, give her a big “Thank you!”  But either way, take steps to keep yourself healthy and aging well.
At Freedom Home Care, we know that no two persons age the same.  That is why we offer individualized care plans for all of our patients.
Source: Huffington Post