Reasons Why Seniors May Not Be Suited for a Dog

Many seniors love having a dog in their house. The pups are friends and companions. They can lower our blood pressure and provide us laughs and love.
But caring for a pet does not suit every senior. Here are four reasons a senior should not get a dog:
Cost. Caring for a pet can be expensive. Not only do they need food, dogs also need annual vet visits, vaccinations, grooming, and equipment such as leashes, toys, and dishes. Some seniors with limited funds may not be able to afford to buy a dog everything that he needs.
Falls. Anyone who has owned a dog knows that the pup will find his way under your feet at some point. Nearly 85,000 falls yearly are attributed to seniors tripping over a cat or dog.
Living Situation. A dog may seem like a good idea when the senior is living at home, but what happens if he needs to move to a nursing home or medical center? Who will take care of the pet? If these questions are still open, a dog may not be a good idea.
Dogs may not be for everyone, but that doesn’t mean the senior can’t have a pet. Research other animals that would be better suited to the senior’s needs. A goldfish may not be as good of a companion, but it sure is a lot easier to care for!
Freedom Home Care encourages seniors to have a pet, just one that is easier to care for!
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