How to Choose the Best Doctor for You

A good relationship with your doctor is essential.  The difference between a bad doctor and a great doctor could be the difference in your level of health. Here are some guidelines you can use to find the best primary care physician for you:

  1. Do the research.  Make a list of three doctors who may be a good fit.  Call your local medical society to see if any complaints were filed against any of them.  If you’re Internet savvy, check reviews online.  Get a good idea of what you’re walking into.
  2. Visit the office.  Visit the office of each and talk with the administrative staff.  Remember that you’ll be dealing with them as much as the doctor!  Make an appointment with the doctor to discuss how he or she handles different concerns.  Does she have many senior patients?  Has she worked with your conditions before?  How do you get in touch if there is an urgent concern?
  3. Observe the doctor.  This is also a good time to see how the doctor will interact with you.  Is she actually listening or does she interrupt?  Is she patient or does she seem rushed?  Do you feel comfortable talking with her?  These are all things you want to know before you choose.
  4. Make the decision.  Set an appointment with the doctor you chose.  Remember that you can change your doctor at any time, so don’t feel locked in.

Choosing a doctor is an important yet sometimes daunting process.  Make sure you do so carefully so that you feel comfortable and in good hands. Freedom Home Care offers a variety of specialized care programs to meet your needs anywhere from Newborn Care to Elder Care and many things in between. To learn more about choosing the best physician for you, click here!