Illinois Senior Health Ranks Surprisingly Well After Evaluation

The results are in!  The United Health Foundation has evaluated each state for how it fares with senior health.  So how does Illinois measure up with the rest of the nation?
The good news is that our state ranks well for non-smoking, as more than 92% of those over 65 are non-smokers.  Also, we have the lowest prevalence of under-weight seniors at only 1.1%.  We also do very well with senior pain management and hospice care.
However, there are some things that our state needs to work on.  Illinois has a high rate of obesity and a high-percentage of low-care nursing home residents.
So how do we help our state, and ourselves, by decreasing these rates?
You can manage obesity by making some simple changes in your diet and exercise regimen.  No one likes the idea of “going on a diet”, so just think of it as dressing up your plate a bit.  By decreasing your portions and increasing the colorfulness of your plate, you can cut some extra calories and boost nutrition.
As far as the low-care nursing home rate, think ahead and carefully research where you would like to live if your health should decline.  If you would like to remain at home, looking into a program like Freedom Home Care may be a good option.
Illinois seems to be off to a good start with caring for its seniors.  Now, with a few changes, hopefully our state can rise through the ranks to become a leader in senior care.
We here at Freedom Home Care have a strong dedication to senior care and hope to be a part of the continued advancements year after year. Visit our website to learn about the Home Care Services we provide.